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Misty II Chariot Prototype

Misty Gets a Lift

One of the great advantages of being a working robotics company with a shipping product and hundreds of active customers is that we get to listen to the marketplace. We

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The Flight Plan Effect

We had to disappoint our backers recently — we let them know that Misty II robots would not be shipping on our crowdfunding target date of December 4th, as planned. This acknowledgment

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Farewell Jibo and Kuri

In the past two months, Mayfield Robotics, makers of Kuri the robot, has shut down sales and operations and Jibo, which has run through more than $70M of venture funding

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Bring On the Competition!

“Hey little startup, aren’t you quaking in your boots at this recent big-company announcement?” As the CEO of a robot startup (and, in the past, a smart home/energy startup), I’ve

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