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Robot Skills & Messaging APIs

Messaging services set the stage for humans to interact with programmable robots using the same devices we already use to talk with each other. That kind of interaction feels a

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Misty Hazards Feature Photo

Misty on the Move (Part 2)

Last week, we covered how Misty is able to move and this week, we’re covering how she’s able to stop moving. More specifically, how she stops moving in order to

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Misty Ball and Pup

Misty on the Move (Part 1)

An autonomous robot can perceive its environment, make decisions based on what it perceives and/or has been programmed to recognize and then actuate a movement within that environment. Enabling autonomous

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Screen Shot at PM x

Misty’s Sensors at a Glance

Misty’s sensors are her toolkit for understanding the world. From pitch velocity to object distance, the data these sensors provide is where the rubber hits the road in coding Misty’s

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