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Misty Gets a Lift

One of the great advantages of being a working robotics company with a shipping product and hundreds of active customers is that we get to listen to the marketplace. We have attended Microsoft Build for three years, DeveloperWeek (Austin/SF/NY) for two, and Twilio SIGNAL for one. We’ve been the number one (or among the top […]

Creating an LED Mohawk for Misty (Part 2)

Welcome back! In Part 1, we: scoped our project to use NeoPixels and Misty’s Arduino Backpack used the Misty II CAD library to design a nicely fitting piece of headgear 3D printed and constructed the mohawk What’s left? Well, in Part 2, we write some simple code to animate the NeoPixels. If you’re like me, you want […]

Creating an LED Mohawk for Misty (Part 1)

I’m an LED maniac. I put LEDs in (or on) everything. I’ve built LEDs into concrete coffee tables, shelves, and microphone stands. I’ve made more custom lamps with LEDs than I can count. So there was no way I was going to skip on bedecking one of our Misty II robots with some type of […]