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Meeting Misty — Robothon #2

If you build robots, there are few cooler things than giving a robot to someone who’s never worked with one before and seeing what they do. Part of our mission at Misty is to bring people together as a community of collaborators. At this past weekend’s event, we had people whose backgrounds ranged from embedded […]

The Future Depends on Developers & Makers — Misty in Miami

It’s safe to say that — if you’re crazy enough to build a consumer robot from the ground up — you’ve got making in your DNA. That’s us at Misty Robotics, and last month we finally got to show off that robot at an actual Maker Faire. You never know who you’ll find at a Maker Faire… It’s incredibly energizing […]

The First Misty Robothon — No Robotics Experience Necessary

Some of you may be eager to tell a robot where to go and what to do (politely). Others may have significant doubts about the toil and trouble involved. I’m here to tell you about Misty Robotics’ first hackathon and let you know that you, too, can teach a robot some new skills. On December […]