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Misty sends an SMS to warn of an intruder

Sending External Requests

Welcome back! In Part 1, we: • looked at the three main capabilities Misty uses in her security guard skill• explored the tech behind Misty’s face recognition capabilities• learned how to

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Cloud Robotics

If you’re a developer interested in robots, you may have heard the news—we’re experiencing a “moment” in cloud robotics services. In under four months (late September 2018 to early January

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Misty’s Jobs

The single most-asked question we at Misty Robotics get is: “what can Misty do?” This question comes at us from consumers, developers, investors, and other robot companies. And there are

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Robot Development Platforms

New industrial, personal, enterprise, and toy robots are being announced pretty much daily. If you’re a developer looking to start coding for our shiny friends, it’s a lot to take

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Watch Those Toes!

It may seem surprising, but something as low-level as a communication protocol can have extremely high-level effects. With the right protocol for the environment, data is transmitted accurately and in

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