Author: Donna Thomas

Cloud Robotics

If you’re a developer interested in robots, you may have heard the news—we’re experiencing a “moment” in cloud robotics services. In under four months (late September 2018 to early January 2019), four technology titans stepped forward to stake major claims in this space. This. Is. Not. An. Accident. Cloud-based services—from environment navigation to computer vision […]

Robot Development Platforms

New industrial, personal, enterprise, and toy robots are being announced pretty much daily. If you’re a developer looking to start coding for our shiny friends, it’s a lot to take in. You may find yourself digging through search results for entirely unfamiliar software stacks and wondering how to tell the signal from the noise. There […]

Software Engineers On a Robot Project? Yes!

Editor’s note: For this post on who builds robots, we’ve got two of our software engineers speaking up — Lauren Baker and Erin Connolly. Robots are not just about hardware, electrical, mechanical, and electronic components. They’re about the software (and firmware) that takes all the hardware and sensors and makes them smart and usable. If you’re into coding, robots […]

Getting to Know Misty: Feature Videos

We’re building a library of quick videos about Misty II and her features. Check out what we’ve posted so far and subscribe to the Misty Robotics YouTube channel to be notified when new videos are published. With high-end cameras, integrated DSP and GPU, and an onboard neural processing engine, a lot of thought has gone into making […]

Happy Arduino Day!

You may have seen Misty II hanging around our site lately, but did you take a good look at her back? Misty II wears a magnetic backpack on her back. And inside the Misty Backpack for Arduino (sold separately) is, yes, an Arduino-compatible microcontroller.. Pull the backpack off Misty, turn the backpack over, and you’ll find two […]

Robots As a Platform — Are You Ready?

Allow me to recap the last 40 years of personal software history: Desktop > Web > Mobile > IoT > Voice Assistants Now it’s time for the next step. Robots are about to become a platform worthy of every developer’s time. After all, every single thing that a phone, desktop, or voice assistant can do, […]