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distillery kyle and business owner

On the Job: Misty at the Distillery

We think the magic of developing for Misty is in combining her capabilities to solve problems in the physical space. To show this in action, we filmed an example of how we might code Misty to help out the owner of a local distillery. This business owner needed a way to monitor the temperature of his equipment when he couldn’t

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DU Team Blog Post June

Customizing Misty’s Arms with DU’s Robotics Students

One of the defining characteristics of the Misty development platform is the ability to customize her by changing out her arms. A team of developers at the University of Denver (DU) took this challenge on. For the backstory on Misty’s arms, check out our recent post covering requirements of her arms, our approach to designing them for Misty II and

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Misty Reads Azure June

Setting Up and Running the “Misty Reads” Skill with Microsoft Azure

This post walks through building a skill that allows Misty to leverage the power of the cloud and external libraries to extract and read text from an image. It covers how to: • Set up a Microsoft Azure Function • Send a request from Misty to this freshly created serverless endpoint • Use Microsoft Cognitive Services to extract text  from

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Misty Gripper Arm

Arms Ahoy!

A multi-purpose platform like Misty needs hardware that’s functional across a wide range of robot jobs. But when it comes to arms, designs that excel in one context might be invalid in another. This raises an important question. How do you provide useful arms without narrowing Misty’s overall utility? We think the answer lies in setting up developers to build

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Mistys Arms Pull Double Duty Feature Image Blog Post

Misty’s Arms Pull Double-Duty

Misty II has arms! Believe it or not, this wasn’t a given. A lot of thought and discussion went into whether we would give her arms at all. Once we decided we should, even more thought went into what type of arms they should be. Designing a robot for developers first Throughout our decision-making process, we kept the following in

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What Goes Into Delivering a Drink Feature Image Blog Post

What Goes Into Delivering a Drink?

The list of assignments you can give Misty is long and varied, and delivering drinks is on it. While there are several different ways you could combine Misty’s capabilities for this job, this post focuses on an approach that uses Misty’s audio localization capabilities to search for someone specific and deliver their drink of choice. When this skill runs, Misty

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