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How will you use a Misty Robotics robot?

If you could program an advanced robot in 30 min, would you?

Update #1: What a day! Thank you!

Misty IIAt the time of writing this (9:00pm MT) I am elated and also entirely exhausted. That’s why I am not staying up until midnight to see this full day through.

We had 197 people pledge $321,931.95 to help ensure this little 14″ robot makes it out into the world.

From the entire Misty Robotics team, we want to express our gratitude and excitement at what you have done today. Today you put your hopes for the future, your dreams of robots, and your trust that we can deliver, in us—a startup building an amazing robot. And we’re building it for you—developers who are eager to use your software coding skills on something that can move around in the real world—something that can interact with you and your environment.

Our plan is to update this space every day throughout the campaign and to send periodic emails to those of you who have backed us with news and progress reports. If today is any indication, they will be exciting, amusing, and inspirational.




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