"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

— Alan Kay

This opportunity is bigger than we are.

For the first time ever, the technology is in place to start creating the skills and capabilities that we've been dreaming of. But we need your help, which is why we built Misty to be the world's most advanced, open robot that invites everyone to join in. It won't happen overnight, but with every test, lesson, accessory, and new skill you introduce. Finally, we're making the robot we've been dreaming of a reality.

Meet Ian. The mind behind Misty.

Being homeschooled in New Mexico left Ian with a lot of time to explore. He became fascinated by taking things apart, examining them, and building new things - mostly robots.

He built robot after robot.

Some of his robots flashed their lights, some could make sounds, others could move around. He started sharing his creations online, and eventually at robotics conventions.

When the iPhone came out, Ian teamed up with his friend Adam to create a robotic ball controlled by your phone. That ball became known as Sphero, an educational toy used in over 10,000 schools. They went on to create BB-8, the lovable, remote-controlled robot modeled after the one that starred in Star Wars, which became among the highest selling robots in the world.

But he wanted a robot that was more than a toy.

Ian imagined a robot that was friendly and helpful, and a community that would span the world. And that's how Misty Robotics was born.

We're starting with the world's most advanced robot at a consumer price-point, and inviting all kinds of innovators to create skills. Let's figure out how robots will be used in our lives.

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